Happy with the way you look?

As we come out of these winter months,just as the season changes to be lighter and brighter,. So our minds turn to wanting to feel and look more alive.

The first thing we look at is our bodies.Hidden behind the Woolley jumpers and coats we are not too conscious about our physical shape.But our lack of love for how we look does not disappear and sure enough as the clothing becomes more summery, so does  the dread of how we want to look.

A Great Way To Start is “The Mirror Test”

Stand in front of your mirror…. full length of course in just your briefs

1. Ask….. when I look in the mirror do I like what I see?

If the answer is no! (Surprise, Surprise!!),look closer and name 3 things that you like in           that reflection in the mirror. Isn’t it true that we constantly seek approval from the world and yet can be so cruel in judging ourselves. You are your worst cynic. Be kind to yourself and right now accept the reflection in that mirror to be okay just for now. In this way you begin to relax around your body shape and can commit to making changes.

2.Ask…..when I look in the mirror how does it make me feel?

Behing our shapes can lie some hidden emotions.Emotions such as anger,guilt,mistrust,apathy etc. These stuffed down emotions usually are the route cause of why we find it difficult to maintain a heathy weight . Journey therapy is a gentle way of accessing and removing these emotional blocks forever. maybe it was a time at school when piers laughed at you or called you fatty, or you realised that as you put on weight,you blended into the background. Mentally we can intellectualise why we look the way we do , but these deep rooted painful experiences will hinder your progress.

Releasing these emotions can give you back confidence and vitality you didn’t even realise you’d lost.Instead we focus on diet plans and exercise alone and wonder why year after year we get nowhere.

3.Write an honest weeks diet sheet and let a nutritionalist have a look at it.

Just by tweaking your diet, you may find amazing results. You may be sensitive to certain food which cause bloating, a lack of energy and sit in the body as fat residue.Kinesiology is an easy way to check food sensitivities. Omitting these from your diet for just 3 months can shift your weight.By using smaller plates to eat from visually makes you feel you are eating more than you need. Research shows you are less likely to go for second helpings than filling a bigger plate and eating it all.

4.What exercise do you do each day/week?

If you want to get more vitality do twice as much each week to start with and review every 3 weeks e.g. if you walk one mile, change to jogging one mile.Without realising you begin to increase your metabolic rate and burn more food.Maybe you enjoy dancing or playing badminton…… exercise does not have to be a chore.!!!

If you are committed to having a body that looks and feels good, why don’t you sign up for my 10 Week Workshop called “Emotionally Fat Free”,where we can do all the above and more. Once a week meeting for 10 weeks will give you all the support you need to embed new resources that you will learn and make it a natural part of your life all year round.

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