What Others Say

Gopi made me feel at ease, and even though I was very anxious, I was able to unload my fears and baggage which had built up over many years. I was given strategies and tools to help me handle dif´Čücult situations whenever I had a set back. I feel freer and can look forward to my life. I would highly recommend working with Gopi.

Nicky Mar 2012

“I have been a regular client of Gopi’s for over 2yrs. I initially went to her about my Phobia of dying which preoccupied my every working day. I had had it since the age of 19yrs. It prevented me from flying and having holidays.

Doing combination therapies of Journey work, counseling, reflexology… and regular checks on my health. Gopi not only cleared me of the Phobia but has since got me onto a health regime of healthy eating, Gym.

I have stopped binge drinking. I have lost over 2.5 stone and have never felt better. Its been a worthwhile experience working with GOPI.


Gopi provided a very safe and loving space for me to work through my journey with her. My experience was that I always felt uplifted, confident and fully capable to be who I am and achieve anything after my sessions with Gopi.

Today I’m married to my soulmate and have relocated to one of the most exotic countries in the world. All thanks to the love, support and space to create that Gopi provided for me.

Thank you Gopi, deep appreciation and love always


I see Gopi once a month, principally for my general well-being. I find our sessions very beneficial and my health is always good as a result.

I would strongly recommend Gopi for your well-being needs.

Stephanie Freeman